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Utah Hockey Fans Embrace Coyotes with Over 20,000 Season Ticket Deposits in 24 Hours

According to Eric Fisher of Front Office Sports, the recent relocation of the NHL team to Utah has sparked strong enthusiasm among hockey fans. Less than 24 hours after the official announcement of the Coyotes' move to Salt Lake City, the team's new owner, Ryan Smith, announced that over 20,000 season ticket deposits, priced at $100 each, had been made to attend games at the Delta Center. This rapid success is partly attributed to the priority access granted to current Jazz season ticket holders, also owned by Smith.

The Delta Center, originally designed for basketball, currently seats 12,000 with unobstructed views for hockey. However, as part of broader renovation plans for the 32-year-old building, this number is expected to increase to 17,000 seats.

The arrival of the NHL franchise in Utah is also driving a broader infrastructure vision. This vision could include both renovation around the Delta Center in downtown Salt Lake City, and longer-term plans for potentially building a second arena that would be a focal point for the city's bid for the 2034 Olympics.

However, the team's name remains uncertain. The full team name will start with "Utah" rather than "Salt Lake City", following the naming model of the Jazz. Smith has hired the advertising agency Doubleday & Cartwright to help develop the team's name and logo. Several potential names have been filed, such as Utah Blizzard, Utah Venom, Utah Fury, Utah HC, and Utah Hockey Club, but no final decision has been announced.

Despite some local criticisms regarding the team's move, notably from MLB's Diamondbacks, the enthusiasm of hockey fans and the success of season ticket deposits indicate a strong start for the Coyotes in Utah.


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