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The massive viewership reflects the growing interest in the WNBA and the impact of star players like Clark.

Caitlin Clark made a remarkable entry into the WNBA in her debut game against the Connecticut Sun, drawing an average of 2.12 million viewers, the league's most-watched game in 23 years. Aired on ESPN2, this game marked a significant moment for the WNBA, showcasing its growth potential thanks to talented players like Clark. (Source: FOS)

This massive viewership demonstrates the increasing interest in the WNBA and highlights the success of broadcasting initiatives on popular platforms like ESPN. Even though the Indiana Fever suffered a loss to the Sun, the opportunity for new fans to discover other stars of the league was an important step in promoting professional women's basketball.

Positive comments from media and sports personalities, such as those from Pat McAfee on ESPN, underscore the impact of players like DeWanna Bonner, contributing to the visibility and appeal of the WNBA to a broader audience.


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