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PWHL's Commercial Success and Global Impact

Nicolas Landry from RDS highlighted the growing commercial success of the Professional Women's Hockey League (PWHL). Despite initially challenging media coverage, the PWHL has experienced remarkable popularity, averaging 6,870 spectators per game in Montreal, with peak crowds reaching 21,105 spectators. Other teams also saw notable attendances, such as Ottawa averaging 7,496 spectators and Toronto averaging 4,175 spectators per game.

In addition to success at the box office, the PWHL has influenced women's hockey globally. European leagues have adjusted their salaries to retain top players in the face of the allure of the PWHL. Furthermore, the PWHL has tested new game rules, such as introducing body checking, to enhance the quality of play and attract more fans.

These initiatives have positioned the PWHL as a leader in women's hockey. With the expected influx of European players and the graduation of new talent from college ranks, the league's level of play is set to rise further, paving the way for a promising future for professional women's hockey.


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