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PRESTIGE - Closer Than Ever: Pitchside Seats

In April, AC Milan enhanced their fans' matchday experience by introducing 14 pitchside seats called the "Club 1899 Front Row Experience." Positioned between the home and visiting dugouts, these seats offer a unique and exclusive view of the action at San Siro Stadium. (Source: Forbes)

Inspired by NBA courtside seats, these pitchside seats provide an intimate and immersive experience, allowing fans to be close to the players and the electrifying atmosphere. The seats, costing a premium price, are a symbol of status and offer the chance to rub shoulders with celebrities and influential figures.

  • The new pitchside seats offer an unparalleled perspective, similar to NBA courtside seats, bringing fans closer to the players and the intensity of the match.

  • The "Club 1899 Front Row Experience" seats are positioned just above the stairs connecting the locker room to the field, providing a unique view of the players' entrance and exit.

  • AC Milan's initiative reflects a growing trend in European football to enhance fan experiences by adopting premium seating options inspired by North American sports.

  • The cost of these exclusive seats reflects their premium nature, with prices likely varying based on the match's significance, similar to the pricing of NBA courtside seats.

  • The introduction of these seats aims to provide an intimate and immersive experience, making fans feel like they are part of the action and enhancing the overall matchday atmosphere at San Siro.


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