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NFL Draft Ratings Beat Major Finals

The 2024 NFL draft showcased its allure as a quarterback-heavy event, drawing an average audience of 12.1 million viewers across ABC, ESPN, and NFL platforms. This marked a 6% increase from the previous year and surpassed viewership numbers for major sports finals like the NBA Finals, World Series, and Stanley Cup Final. The unduplicated audience of 34.3 million viewers was the highest since 2021, underscoring the draft's continued appeal.

In Detroit, over 275,000 fans turned out on day one, setting a new record and demonstrating the fervor of NFL fans during draft season. ESPN's executive producer Seth Markman highlighted the draft's unique draw, noting that it resonates more widely across all NFL fanbases compared to the Super Bowl, creating a sense of hope and excitement for every team.

NFL Media executive producer Charlie Yook emphasized the essence of hope embedded in the draft, where every team dreams of finding the next superstar player. This sentiment, coupled with NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell's proposed idea of an extended regular season culminating in a national holiday after the Super Bowl, reflects the ongoing innovation and fan-centric approach of the NFL.


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