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NFL Christmas Day Games Become a Tradition on Netflix

Netflix will air the NFL's two top-tier games on Christmas Day, starting December 25, 2024, and will continue with at least one game each year until 2026. This partnership with the NFL follows previous collaborations such as the hit series Quarterback in 2023 and the upcoming series Receiver, which will follow five of the NFL's top receivers.

Bela Bajaria, Netflix's Chief Content Officer, highlights the importance of live streaming, especially for events like NFL games that attract a broad audience. Hans Schroeder, NFL Executive Vice President of Media Distribution, also welcomes this collaboration, emphasizing the opportunity to reach American football fans worldwide through Netflix.

The full schedule of NFL games in 2024, including the Christmas Day matchups, will be announced tonight at 8:00 PM ET. NFL Christmas games on Netflix will also be broadcast on television in the cities of the competing teams, continuing a longstanding NFL tradition during the holiday season.


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