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NASCAR Media-Rights Deals: Valued at $7 Billion with Amazon and TNT's Arrival

Front Office Sport's reported that NASCAR's media-rights deals are valued at $7 billion, with Amazon and TNT joining Fox and NBC in 2025. The distribution of races among these partners is still being determined, with 14 races each for Fox and NBC, and 5 each for Prime Video and TNT/Max. Major events like the Daytona 500 remain with Fox, while NBC keeps the Cup Series championship race. The allocation of other key events like the Coca-Cola 600 or the Chicago street race is still under discussion to ensure balance and value for each partner throughout the partnership term.

NASCAR recently entered the Netflix arena with its own show, Full Speed, engaging potentially new audiences. Initial data shows that 88% of Full Speed viewers did not watch the 2023 NASCAR Cup Series championship race. Despite this, NASCAR is not concerned as a significant portion of its fan base is already subscribed to Prime Video, indicating a positive transition to streaming for races aired on Amazon.


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