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MLS Ticket Sales Surge with Messi's Arrival

RDS recently reported that Lionel Messi's arrival at CF Montreal and his subsequent impact on Major League Soccer (MLS) cannot be overstated. On the sporting front, Messi has already revolutionized Inter Miami, turning them from a struggling team into champions with remarkable performances, tallying 10 goals and providing 12 assists in less than 700 minutes of play. These on-field exploits have translated into significant financial gains as well. For instance, CF Montreal has sold all its 15,000 season tickets and around 1000 six-game packages at prices ranging from $750 to $850. Moreover, the club has secured deals with eleven new partners in 2024.

This Messi Mania also extends beyond CF Montreal, fueling interest in MLS throughout North America. Stadiums are filled to capacity during Messi's matches, attracting massive crowds and new online subscribers. For instance, the Wall Street Journal reported that 110,000 new subscribers signed up for the MLS Season Pass on the day of Messi's debut, with 288,000 paying listeners during his first month in MLS. Additionally, Messi's jersey has become the best-selling in the history of the MLS online store, with 89% of buyers being new to the platform.

Lastly, Messi's arrival recalls the significant impacts of past global soccer stars on American soccer, such as Pelé and David Beckham, whose influence continued long after their departures. Messi's legacy in MLS could similarly be profound, paving the way for substantial league evolution and cementing its status among the world's top football leagues.


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