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Mets Owner Faces Backlash After Tweet Sparks Trade Speculation

Mets owner Steve Cohen faced backlash after a tweet implying potential midseason trades, sparking fan frustration amidst the team's disappointing 20-23 record despite the highest payroll in MLB at $308 million. Cohen, worth $19.8 billion, later clarified the team's intent to push for playoffs, recalling last season’s similar scenario that led to a roster overhaul. (Source:FOS)

Contrasting the Mets’ struggles, the Yankees, leading the American League with a 30-15 record, are optimistic. Managing partner Hal Steinbrenner expressed willingness to negotiate a long-term contract with star outfielder Juan Soto during the season. Soto, expected to command a historic contract, has positively impacted the team and fan engagement since joining.


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