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Media Rights Surge: NBA's Potential $6 Billion Boost

The NBA appears poised to double its media-rights fee intake, with new deals potentially bringing in up to $6 billion annually. Currently, ESPN and TNT collectively pay around $2.7 billion per year to broadcast NBA games. Although nothing is officially signed yet, Disney and NBC are prepared to renew for amounts up to $2.6 billion and $2.5 billion per year, respectively. Additionally, Amazon's potential deal could significantly contribute, potentially pushing the league's revenue to over $5.4 billion, if not closer to $6 billion.

This substantial increase in NBA revenue is notable given the growing disruptions in the current sports media landscape. Recent deals in sports, such as the College Football Playoff extension with ESPN worth $1.3 billion annually, highlight the strategic importance of media rights negotiations for major professional leagues. The NBA is showcasing its strength and financial appeal in a context where streaming and changes in media consumption patterns pose significant challenges.


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