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Jaguars Present $1.4B Stadium Renovation Plan

The Jacksonville Jaguars and Mayor Donna Deegan unveiled a $1.4 billion stadium renovation plan, a significant reduction from the previously proposed $2 billion "Stadium of the Future." The proposal, presented at a city council meeting, suggests that the city would contribute $775 million, while the Jaguars would cover $625 million and any additional costs. If approved, the Jaguars will play at a reduced-capacity EverBank Stadium for the 2025 and 2026 seasons and relocate for the 2027 season, with the new stadium opening in 2028. The team would also sign a 30-year lease extension with a non-relocation clause. (source:FOS)

The past year saw contentious negotiations between the team and city officials, with threats of relocation and interventions from NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell. This new agreement aims to solidify the Jaguars' presence in Jacksonville and includes a commitment to continue playing one home game annually in the UK, a tradition since 2013.

The NFL's upcoming international schedule includes games in Brazil, London, and Munich, with the Jaguars playing two games in London this fall. The full schedule will be revealed on prime-time shows on the NFL Network and ESPN2.


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