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Hockey Fans Get a "Second Chance" with 2024 Stanley Cup Playoffs Bracket Challenge

The NHL is offering fans a 'Second Chance' for the 2024 Stanley Cup Playoffs Bracket, with the opportunity to win a $1,000 gift code for the NHL Shop and tickets to an event in the 2024-25 season. This offer comes as teams enter the second round of the playoffs. Despite a short submission window between the end of the regular season and the start of playoffs, over 1.1 million submissions were received, a 13% increase from last season. Additionally, record fan participation was also seen with a 34% increase in votes for the NHL All-Star Game compared to the previous year. (Forbes)

The early playoffs seem less tumultuous this year, with five series decided in twelve days. Favorites lead in the three unsettled series, but upsets are still possible. The top five championship picks by fans are still in contention, but two of them need to win their series. This 'Second Chance' offer comes amid strong fan engagement in various NHL interactive initiatives, reflecting the growing commitment of the fan base to the league and its major events.

The NHL developed this experience for the 2024 Stanley Cup Playoffs Bracket Challenge in partnership with Low6, an NHL free-to-play gaming provider. Fans can submit their revised predictions for the Stanley Cup Playoffs Bracket at or through the NHL app. This initiative aims to enhance fan engagement and maintain excitement around the Stanley Cup Playoffs, providing an enriching interactive experience for hockey enthusiasts.


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