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Edmonton's Economy Thrives with $179 Million from NHL Playoff Fever

The NHL playoffs have brought significant economic benefits to Edmonton, with the city experiencing a $179 million boost during the first three rounds. This unexpected windfall is attributed to the Edmonton Oilers' success, which has also brought a priceless global spotlight to the city. Janelle Janis, executive director of event and business development for Explore Edmonton, highlighted the extensive positive impact on local businesses, hotels, and tourism.

Edmonton has proven to be a magnet for major events, such as the Volleyball Supernationals ($40 million) and the 2018 Grey Cup ($80 million). The NHL playoffs have further enhanced its reputation. The playoffs have also fostered a sense of unity and pride among residents, showcasing the city's resilience and ability to punch above its weight. The economic benefits include about 60,000 overnight stays in local hotels and increased spending at local businesses. (Source:EJ)


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