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Celebrating 150 Years of Rugby in the United States

Rugby is celebrating its 150th anniversary in the United States, a sport with a rich history dating back to 1874. Despite its early popularity among American universities, rugby is experiencing a revival thanks to Major League Rugby (MLR). Since its inception in 2018, MLR has grown from seven to 12 teams, introducing innovations like smart ball technology and expanding access through The Rugby Network. (Source:FOS)

MLR's most significant commercial partnership with Globant in 2023, along with sponsors like American Airlines and Kappa, highlights the growing appeal of U.S. rugby. The league is focused on fan-centric experiences, grassroots development, and creating relatable player personalities to engage new audiences. By fostering a community atmosphere at games and promoting player stories, MLR is making rugby more accessible and appealing to Americans.

Looking ahead, MLR aims to expand to 24 teams by the 2031 Rugby World Cup and has launched initiatives like Anthem Rugby Carolina to nurture young talent. Hosting the 2031 and 2033 Rugby World Cups underscores the U.S.'s potential as a rugby hub. MLR's efforts are paving the way for unprecedented growth and success for rugby in America, marking the beginning of a significant American rugby renaissance.


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