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Blackhawks Sued by Former Consultant Over Logo and Harassment Claims

Nina Sanders, a former consultant for the Chicago Blackhawks from 2020 to 2023, has filed a lawsuit against the team, its CEO, and its charitable foundation, accusing them of breach of oral contract, fraud, and sexual harassment. Sanders, who was hired to improve relationships with Native American communities, claims the team did not fulfill its promise to change its logo and name, unlike other sports teams such as the Washington Commanders and Cleveland Guardians. She also alleges that people associated with the team sexually harassed her and other women, without appropriate action being taken. (Source: FOS)

Sanders asserts that despite her efforts to arrange meetings between the team and the Sac and Fox Nation, the Blackhawks ultimately decided to keep their logo after obtaining a new resolution from the tribe. She also alleges that Blackhawks CEO Danny Wirtz had promised to change the logo, buy land for the tribe, and create positions for Native Americans, none of which has been done. Additionally, Sanders claims that the team removed her from her role after she established the necessary relationships, while the team contends she chose not to renew her contract. The tribe received $100,000 in grants and a decommissioned Black Hawk helicopter valued at $250,000.

Sanders' sexual harassment claims involve incidents with representatives of the Sac and Fox Nation and a Chicagoland cultural center, both of whom received funds from the Blackhawks' foundation. In response, the Blackhawks stated that the accused individuals were not independent contractors or employees of the team and that they were only informed of the allegations after Sanders left. This is not the first time the team has faced harassment allegations, having previously been sued by two former players for sexual assault by a video coach in 2010.


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