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Amazon's NBA Pursuit: A Bid for U.S. Sports Domination

According to Front Office Sports, Amazon is nearing a major deal for NBA broadcasting rights, further expanding its growing collection of sports content. The company recently secured agreements with the NHL to stream games in Canada and for regional rights to the Kraken team. These moves are part of a strategy to broaden its presence in major U.S. sports leagues.

Simultaneously, Amazon is on the verge of acquiring a portion of the NBA's national rights, as reported by The Athletic. This initiative would enhance its position among leading American sports broadcasters, alongside giants like ESPN. The focus on both regional and national rights is integral to Amazon's overall strategy of offering comprehensive and diverse coverage of sports events.

With these developments, Amazon aims to become a premier sports streaming platform, expanding its footprint in the media and entertainment industry. The growth of its sports portfolio could be a central aspect of its upcoming presentation to advertisers, highlighting its increasing commitment to the sports sector.


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