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Ryan Smith, the New Face of NHL in Utah: A Rapid Rise to Success

According to David Rumsey of Front Office Sports, Ryan Smith's recent acquisition of an NHL team in Utah marks the latest chapter in his remarkable growth. Over the past five years, his ventures have seen monumental expansion:

2020: Purchases NBA's Utah Jazz for $1.66 billion;

2022: Acquires MLS club Real Salt Lake for around $400 million;

2023: Revives NWSL's Utah Royals franchise for $2 million;

2024: Buys the yet-to-be-renamed NHL team for $1.2 billion;

At just 45 years old, Smith Entertainment Group, led by Ryan Smith, is already competing with industry giants like Kroenke Sports & Entertainment and Fenway Sports Group. His initial investment of over $3 billion in sports has doubled the estimated value of his teams to around $5.5 billion. Despite speculations about expansion into other leagues, Smith is currently focused on growing his existing sports empire.


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